Hello, my name is Jenn Chen (or just Jenny),

and I’m a Chinese-Australian Product Designer currently based in Chicago (yes, literally the other end of the world).

I graduated from School of the Art Institute of Chicago in 2017 with a focus in designing for the more tangible kind of consumer products; but as our daily experiences shifts toward a more virtual realm, I too find it worth redirecting my creativity there. With that goal, I undertook an apprenticeship in 2020, to specialize in designing for User Experience and User Interface. 

The premise of both disciplines, thankfully, is the same: Human Centered. UXUI however has taken this idea to the next level, since its product only takes shape between the interaction of the system, interface, and the end user. The most important takeaway from my dive into UXUI is, empathy.

That being said, I believe that designers should also have the ability to step out of empathy from time to time, to be able to view the design problem from both inside and outside of the box. My own cross-cultural background is a testament to that, which afforded me with two mindsets, often battling with each other, almost forcing me to stay neutral, objective, and forever inquiring. Perhaps this sounds a bit clique, but there’s nothing I love more than to travel to new places and immerse myself in a new culture! On top of that, my other passions in life also include music (jazz & britrock & prog rock & Oh my! The list goes on…), movies, and neon! 

Yes, neon, those hollow glass tubes filled with electrically discharged rare gases. Not LEDs. During my time working as a design and product manager in a local Neon shop, I lit up the Chicago night sky, from Hyde Park to Glenview, with my signage designs! Of course, how can I resist combining two of my passions in one? Check out the wip custom neon signage e-commerce project I’m working on! 

Enough about me, after all, I am here for you! Do you have any design problems that need addressing? Is your room a bit dim without a neon sign? Or you just want to scream over our shared passion for design and neon? Check out my CV and Feel free to reach out!

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